Website Optimization & SEO

A well-structured SEO strategy will provide a consistent, daily-flow of free hits to your website using a collection of techniques to target your customers and help your website rank higher naturally in the major search engines. Unfortunately, many small businesses that are dependent on local customers tend to concentrate on proven advertising methods such as mailers, but then shy away from online marketing methods feeling that they will not get as much in return when in reality they are missing out on a huge resource in todays world - the power of the internet! Our SEO experts will help your business target local or national customers using techniques specific to your industry, resulting in a long-term flow of customers to your website.

Benefits of SEO
  • Rank higher in Google than your competition
  • Higher Brand Credibility - People Trust Google
  • Boost your business social media pages
  • Receive more calls to your store or office
  • Build brand awareness
  • Find new customers
  • Get your foot in the door in new markets
  • Convert more visitors to sales
  • The results are lower in cost compared to paid advertising (adwords and PPC)

  • TechStarters SEO techniques - how we improve your rankings

    Once you partner with TechStarters our team will run a comprehensive check on your website and social media platforms to get a baseline on your current SEO strength, determine what is working and what needs to be improved. We will then actively monitor it and begin revamping and tweaking any item that can improve your SEO. We utilize several state-of-the-art programs to run checks on your website as well as competitor companies to not only boost your SEO power, but exceed that of the competition. Below are just a few of the items TechStarters will actively monitor, give us a call and a Nerd will be happy to explain any of these items to you.

  • Keyword targeted website design
  • External linking (when another website links back to you)
  • Crawler/bot accessible – search engines crawl the web using automated bots
  • Search friendly URLs should follow best practices, be static vs. dynamic, and should be included in any appropriate RRS feeds or XML sitemaps files
  • Strategically adjust your sites navigation and internal links
  • Good content – clear layout, solid visuals and proper design
  • Proper use of MetaData
  • Website built to be mobile device ready
  • Website built to be shared through social networks (“Like” / Tweet / +1)
  • The list goes on and on…

    “Top SEOs believe that external links are the most important source of ranking power”

    MOZ Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015

    In the world of SEO, its no big surprise that external links are important. What are external links you ask? When another website mentions your companies name and has a hyperlink to allow a potential customer to click over to your website, thats an external link. Not all links are good links! The TechStarters team will travel the internet and find the best websites to link your company to. Identifying websites that are specific to your industry, your geographical region, your target customer and are trusted by Google will ensure your search engine optimization is strong.

    Contact us to boost your SEO and conquer the World Wide Web!