Business Services & Productivity

Services & Productivity

We offer many affordable business services to address the needs of our small business clients. Below is a list of our most popular services.

Add New Features to an Existing Website

Do you have a great website and would like to simply add a few new features?

A few ideas from past projects:

  1. Lead generation form to capture online quotes for a mortgage broker or insurance agency.
  2. Integration of QuickBooks Online to track expenses, manage inventory, and pay bills.
  3. Website portal for a restaurant to accept online orders.
  4. Sales portal to help contact and follow-up on business leads.
  5. Company intranet portal for employees to conduct day-to-day business.

Our team can provide custom development for anything you can dream-up and then integrate those features seemlessly into your existing website.

Mobile Ready with Responsive Design

Have you seen your website on a mobile device? Do you wish your website looked good on a phone or tablet?

What is "Responsive Design"? How can I tell if my business website is mobile ready?
For an example of responsive design, take a look at our website on a phone or tablet, then take a look at your own website on the same device.

Responsive design does not "shrink" the website, but reorganizes the website itself based on the size of the device.
In addition, a truly mobile responsive website will never require a user to scroll left to right, not even a little.

We will make your website mobile responsive and keep your business website looking good for all devices.

Business Email Accounts

Would you like to have a company email address for you and your employees to communicate with customers more professionally?

We will help setup & maintain your business email accounts.

Domain Registration & Website Hosting

Would you like to setup a website for your business? If you have never owned a website, knowing how to properly register and setup your website can be overwhelming.

We make owning a website very affordable and will help you register your website name, configure your new website on a host server, and provide 24/7 support to help maintain your website.